The watch alerts you when you hit the control during:
Regular race - run your course without flags in the woods
Score-O - take the controls in random order
Course setting - control your position when you hang out flags

O-range is compatible with Garmin Edge

O-range is finally compatible with Garmin Edge. This works well for those of you enjoying Mountain Bike Orienteering. 

New version is released in Garmin Connect

Version 3.0 is released

A new version of O-range is available in Garmin Connect store. In this version the menu structure is improved to make it easier to use o-range.

Georeferencing courses

A new tool for georeferencing courses has been added to o-range. When you upload an xml-file whitout gps-coordinates you will be asked to georeference it.

Compatible devices

There are many different Garmin Watches. Sure something for everyone. Users want to have O-range installed on many of them.

Garmin Connect IQ has recovered

Good news: Connect IQ is up and running again.

Bug fix (ver 2.3.2)

The first rule of programming: It's always the progammers fault. Users have reported that o-range not always remember the settings from last exercise.