Version 2.3

The latest version in Garmin Connect IQ Store is ver 2.3.

With this version you can use Marq wathces.

In this version a display with the code will be shown in 4 seconds after you have approach the control. This makes it easier to register if you have found the control.  

Earlier versions...

Version 2.0 supports watches with touch screens. The version is a bit more memory efficient so models like Fenix3 should work better. This version also support older devices like fr920xt. 

In version 2.0 you can do an manual punch. Press the esc-button or swipe right to do an manual punch. 

The menus are more intuitive in this version. Link Device is moved to bottom after you are linked. Load Course is not active during the exercise.  

Skip and back controls are not active in score-o. You can use manual punch instead. It is also possible to skip/back 5 or 10 controls at time in regular race.