To get started with o-range you need to do the following steps:

  1. Install O-range on your Garmin device. Make sure your device is one of the Compatible devices.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Link your device to your o-range account. 
  4. Make an event. Import files from course setting tools such as Ocad, Purple Pen or Condes.
  5. Load a course to your Garmin device. You can also download courses from Livelox or O-track.
  6. Start an exercise. Finally you can enjoy your training with o.range.


O-range has three modes for training:

  • Regular race where you hit the controls in the given order.
  • Score-o where you can hit the controls in any order you want.
  • Course setting mode which is a tool for hanging out flags for a orienteering event.

Before you start to use o-range, you should be familiar with The menus and the The Displays

Sometimes o-range fails, here is a list of Error codes which can help you. 

  • Slide number 0
  • Slide number 1
  • Slide number 2
  • Slide number 3
  • Slide number 4
  • Slide number 5
  • Slide number 6
  • Slide number 7
  • Slide number 8
  • Slide number 9
  • Slide number 10