Version 3.0 is released

A new version of O-range is available in Garmin Connect store. In this version the menu structure is improved to make it easier to use o-range.

The linking process for new users is more straight forward with better instructions during linking devices and load courses.

In version 3.0 you can select three disciplines: FootO, SkiO or MTBO to save your exercise at terrain running, cross country skiing or mountain biking in Garmin Connect.


With version 3.0 more information about your o-range activity is available in Garmin connect.

You will get a summary information which shows:

  • Course time (time from start to finish)
  • Course length (shortest length of the course) ,
  • Course pace (minutes per km)
  • Track distance (your actual distance from start to finish)

In the laps information Garmin connect you can see the:

  • Code of the controls
  • Leg pace (min(km)
  • Leg distance (shortest distance between controls) .


  • Slide number 0
  • Slide number 1
  • Slide number 2
  • Slide number 3
  • Slide number 4