The watch alerts you when you hit the control during:
Regular race - run your course without flags in the woods
Score-O - take the controls in random order
Course setting - control your position when you hang out flags

Make your event public

A small makeover has been carried out on the website. You can now make an event public by selecting Make public in the dropdown menu.

Rename an event

You can now rename an event in your list. When you import an event from a gpx- or xml file the name is automatically generated.

Version 2.3

The latest version in Garmin Connect IQ Store is ver 2.3.

With this version you can use Marq wathces.

Japanese tutorial

Kimiya Ochiai has translated Nicolas' tutorial for our Japanese users. This tutorial gives a very quick introduction to O-range. You find the Japanese translation here.

Thank you Kimiya


French tutorial

Nicolas Hayer has made a great tutorial for our French users. The tutorial is so good that it is also very useful for us who don't speak french. You find the tutorial here.

Thank you Nicolas!


About O-range

O-range is a Garmin watch app for orienteering runners. When you use the app the watch will vibrate and peep when you are close to the controls.

When you register on this page and you will get your own user space where you can upload courses. The courses can be in IOF XML 3.0-format or in GPS exchange format (gpx) exported from Purple Pen, Ocad or any other tool making gpx-files for orienteering.

You can download one selected course or all controls in an event to your Garmin Watch.